I played a lot of music over a period of many years.  Some would tell you I was very good at it, a few that I really sucked no matter how “good” I got.  Today, the majority who hear my music express total indifference, which is to be expected, for reasons I’ll perhaps blog about some day.  Me, I’d say I had some truly great moments, and that, regardless, my life in music was and is pretty “defining”, even though I might not ever put much energy into it again.

Nowadays I work as a sysadmin (amongst other duties), screwing up on linux and other unices, for a small telco.  I enjoy it in a fix-a-crossword puzzle kind of way.  I’ve been On The Unix for a pretty long time so it’s an easy fit for me.

I’ve put a lot of myself into politics recently (as of 2008), specifically the Ron Paul Campaign.  I’ve been into Peace, and Freedom, for most of my life. I have a slightly more than passing familiarity with the works of Rothbard, Von Mises and others of that ilk.

So much for the Executive Summary. My interests include, in no particular order

  • Computers. I do stuff like figure out turnkey solutions for encrypted automated remote backups. I spend a lot of time in vim editing config files; I write a lot of bash and, whenever I can, perl. I have done, and will probably do again, a lot of DBA type activities on several different platforms. I consider myself to be a neophyte in all these things and am astonished when anything I do actually functions, but I’m apparently Ready For Prime Time in the context of the inexorably increasing suckiness of all things. And yep, IT’S FUN! :’)
  • Music, as mentioned, mainly American music, especially Jazz, and most especially Monk, Coltrane, and “Wayne” (Shorter). But I love lots of music, it’s more about the practitioner than the style for me. So, sure, Radiohead is cool. Sly Stone is too. Hendrix was a genius and a visionary. I still love the Beatles when I listen to ’em once in a blue moon. You get the idea. My own writing and playing has been mainly in a retro rock/pop mode. Lyrics are a big deal for me.
  • Literature, esp. Joyce, Dostoyevsky, Melville, Conrad, many others. I think Joyce is the greatest writer since Shakespeare, whom I also dig immensely.
  • Film: Bergman, Fellini, etc. I’m not a subtitle snob but I despise the Hollywood Mainstream and all it stands for. I’ll probably post some film criticism someday.
  • Markets and trading (quite distinct from economics…). Gods, I’ve put a lot of time into this. Perhaps someday it will make me RICH!!!
  • History. The Deep Dark Well of the Past.
  • Comparative Mytholgy viz Joseph Campbell; Jungian psychology, and the paranormal.
  • Meditation, yoga, The Path in general, far as I may stray from it…

That’s Me In A Nutshell. Sounds like an O’Reilly book. Or perhaps there is a Nutcase reference to be made? Draw your own conclusions.


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