Lessons of the Paul Campaign – The Revolution was, is

We are: out of work musicians and multimillionaire software entrepeneurs… new age healers and christian chemical engineers… blind discordian perl programmers and bikini babes posing for libertarian calendars… veterans against war… halfbreed martial arts instructors… latino acupuncturists… hardcore tax protestors… anarcho-capitalist grocery clerks… austrian economists… disillusioned progressives… DJs doing freedom raves… young republicans… old hippies… cowboys… day traders… kooks… spooks(?)…

The “movement” is a collection of players so odd in their juxtaposition that it’s no wonder that stakeholding elites can only paint us as “weird”. What is one to make of a community populated by health freedom activists and Christian homeschoolers and anti-drug-war people and small-business Republicans and 9/11 truthers? It seems to the uninitiated like a random collection of oddities, hence the constant framing of us as “nuts”. It’s not just that Life Is High School and the children in charge need to marginalize outsiders to maintain the status quo. They don’t understand, and what one doesn’t understand, one fears.

And they should fear us. This is a deep Lesson of the Paul Campaign – that the revolution is perhaps more real than any of us give it credit for. It’s a lesson clearly lost not only on mainstream politicos but even to some degree on Ron Paul, his top staff, and the old clique that is about to see this thing leave them in the dust – the lesson is too earthshattering. Because despite all attempts to pigeonhole the “movement”, it defies description in terms of the Old Forms.

Left and Right are done. Democrats rally to McCain and Republicans to Obama. Libertarians court neocons like Barr and Root to run their party. Progressives and Socialists plug along, the best of them trying to keep up the “people’s struggle”, begging crumbs from their old “counterculture” brethren (meet the new boss…) who sold out so long ago. Hopelessly lost, the old-school “players” grasp at any straw they believe might get them a “seat at the table”.

It’s not that history is irrelevant; the nightmare from which we can never awake haunts us with incessant echoes from the deep dark well of the past. Indeed, the repercussions of that past are precisely what ours and succeeding generations will have to cope with. But there is a new politics forming in response to the empty offerings of the “normal”, and one is reminded of Nietszche, that is, none of these old fools even know yet that their Gods are all dead. Their bankrupt ideologies are only waiting for a push from Reality and the push is coming. Nobody is sure when. But its approach is inexorable, relentless, inevitable, unstoppable.

We are coming to a reckoning as a nation and that reckoning is going to be about the Small and the Big, the Local and the Federal, the Revolution and the Old Guard. It’ll be top versus bottom, not left versus right, which are after all mere figments of the imagination of an elite so corrupt it has even lost the ability to see through its own sophistry.

The establishment’s champions are themselves its biggest victims, drunk with power and stumbling blind in a faith-based universe built of lies wearing increasingly thin, incapable of seeing the coming storm. What they don’t know will hurt them. In their hubris they despise the rabble they must court in order to maintain their parasitic position on the host of the body politic. But that rabble, the Kinky-Carolists, the Perot Center, the Silent Majority, is getting wise despite all the dumbing down. And the team that speaks to the heart of that core populist center will go on to shape the next chapter of the American Story.

The Ron Paul campaign was a rite of passage. It revealed to the knowing initiate that the battle can be won, if only the warriors will follow the straight and narrow path to victory, veering neither to the right nor the left, balancing always on Truth’s razor edge. The campaign was a song sung from freedom’s radiant heart, not just an essay spoken from her limitless mind. The campaign was a journey, and all roads led back, and lead back, as they always will in this nation, not to the stilted polemicism of Ayn Rand, but to Twain and Poe and Melville. To an eyebrow raised in loving mockery; to a secret terror relentlessly driving us forward, or back; and, we pray, to redemption in the face of tragedy, that we might salvage a Republic from the tidal wave of History.

Because the truth is, the realistic truth is, that the reckoning this country faces will be no small catastrophe. And when the ship that is the America We Knew sinks once and for all, for better and worse, we will need to avoid the whirlpool, to cling to truth, to hope and love, to family, friends and neighbors – to community, not an abstract “society” – and live on to fulfill the promise of our forefathers.

Call us Ishmael.


18 Responses to Lessons of the Paul Campaign – The Revolution was, is

  1. walkndude says:

    the movement, beyond your bowls, is false. made up by the media that falsely claims he gets no coverage. I still have HOURS and HOURS of video of foxnews pushing ron paul.
    his supporters are sheep, or traitors.

    no debate. no mercy.
    defend your country, bills of rights and constitution.

  2. This sums up the whole piece and the RP movement for me:

    “a secret terror relentlessly driving us forward, or back; and, we pray, to redemption in the face of tragedy, that we might salvage a Republic from the tidal wave of History.”

    I went to the Republican Convention in Houston and spoke with quite a few people… strangers… And, it is easy to “brain dump” to strangers because there is no fear of judgment… You will never see these people again, so to speak….

    Over and over and over I learned that “I was not alone” and the people I spoke with are very, very worried about many of the same things as me. Not just political things, but survival things like clean food and water and a collapsing dollar.

    For some reason, are lives are not as carefree as the pretty people on the television sitcoms. I don’t get to hang out all day in a coffee shop and gossip with my friends about nothing important.

    I don’t understand the hours and hours of foxnews comment about RP. Hours and hours on RP does not compare to literally tens of thousands of hours on the other candidates on every tv channel, every mainstream magazine and newspaper.

  3. Brandi says:

    I think it is important to start preparing for the worst now. The time is approaching near when the crazy George W. Bush could go off the deep end and declare martial law before the upcoming election. I don’t think he is going to give his position up without a fight; and unfortunately that fight could mean another preemptive war. I believe the movement is strong and that people are very aware that something big is lingering in the air (besides chemtrails). People are becoming educated on Flouride; Chemtrails; Food Shortages….. I could go forever. Once you become “awake” if you will people tend to go through the same stages that one would if they were experiencing the grieving process. Shock and Denial; Pain and Guilt; Anger & Bargaining; Depression Reflection and Loneliness; The upward turn; Reconstructin and Working Through; and Finally Acceptance and Hope! I know because I have experienced them all personally! No matter what stage your in; just remember “This too Shall Pass”. PEACE

  4. Pizza God says:

    On the note that Michelle stated, at the State Convention, I noticed the same thing.

    One of my favorite conversations was with a lady who told me she was impressed with how much the Ron Paul supporters KNEW the issues. They (the RP clan) were not “Single Issue” supporters, they know about many issues.

    Of course I told her to check out his web site and the issues and she would understand WHY we are so passionate about him.

  5. Chris Lawton says:

    Great Article!

    “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.”
    Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

  6. JIM says:


  7. Terry Franklin says:

    So what can ‘us’ do now?

    Oh, do prepare for whatever may happen as best you can. Just don’t forget about what ‘us’ is all about!

    What in hell has Chuck been talking about? Nah, it ain’t us Paulista’s or those Guardians that stand watch on the tombs of the DNC and RNC is it? The Libertarians? You? Me?

    All of the above?

    A seemingly simple question asked, but it is a simple answer. Call ‘us’ Ishmael. We tell the story when WE decide to tell it!

    Tell the story.


  8. Ron Moss says:

    Wars and rumours of wars. Ishmaelites are our distant relatives
    The government of antichrist is not. Check it out in the Epistles of John. Antichrist is a spirit, not a man. not the pope, not hitler, not kissinger, but a spirit like the motovating spirit of Bush, Hagee. and McCain. And yes this too will pass

  9. SteveMartin says:


    The real unanswered question: WHY DID RON PAUL NEVER DUMP KENT SNYDER even after he knew he was queer and incompetent??

    On that answer awaits the fate of the entire “Ron Paul Movement,”

  10. hirize says:

    There were times in history when all of the Grand Architects of the Republic were referred to with disdain and disrespect. They were labeled, tagged and psychologically scourged for their broad foresight, intuitive reckoning and unshakeable commitment. I see such qualities in Ron Paul and believe he will enjoy the same historical honor.
    Brandi, my hat is off to you. You summed it well. It is indeed discouraging times. However, as for me, I will not be liberated in the future by actions taken by today’s tyrants such as Bush and Cheney. Such murderous traitors deserve no respect, no fear, no coerced cooperation, and no ease of path to destroy this country. I will proudly shed blood if I must and trust that millions will also.

  11. Danneskjold says:

    The day Ron Paul ended his presidential campaign was the day the movement beefed up. It’s amazing how many truth-seekers I run into every day now. It’s even more amazing that none of them fit a common description… other than that all are filled with disdain for the status quo. None of us can seem to agree on who to vote for, claiming allegiance to a party or candidate just because of family or community pride, but the underlying principles of freedom and justice hold us intact. Our votes are different, but our hearts are in the right place, linked together in waiting.

    Waiting for a revolution? A civil war? A change in ideals? Simpler times of honesty and integrity?

    All I can hope to do is to peacefully spread the message of freedom before the threat of terror comes knocking at my door.

  12. smsand says:

    The Revolution is the newly forged sword that is destined to deliver the mortal wound against the political Beast.

  13. This said everything I ever thought about writing on the RPR. Only better than I could have stated. Thank you.

  14. Marilyn Townsend says:

    Ron Paul and his supporters have only just begun. Candidates all over the country running for local and national offices who are supporters of and supported by Ron Paul are carrying on the torch.
    And there are no hours and hours of Fox News on Ron Paul, and that’s just fine. He doesn’t need them anyway.

  15. Paul Thrailkill says:

    Thank you Chuck for such writing.
    As we have slowly begun to awaken to the deceit perpetrated upon us by our political, governmental and corporate leaders, we may consider the probability that we still have more to awaken to and more awareness to gain. We have other “authorities” who rule from similar egos. So this “reckoning”, as physical as it may be on one hand, may be a learning of the ego. The real awakening at hand may consist of our bringing forth our true nature of compassion,high ideals, love of the truth and yes, even love itself, that will be called upon to see us through this “time of reckoning”. It will call forth a shift in our spirit and our consciousness that will propel us to the next level of our humanity.

  16. Jacmicwag says:

    What a fabulous description of the “characters” who make up the RP movement. Can we get it together and ultimately make a difference? Only time will tell. I’ve sensed a general disdain for both mainstream candidates also but I’m not sure this will be enough to move people to action. Unfortunately, things will have to get a lot worse before they get better.

  17. CS says:

    What is this business about “call us Ishmael”? Ishmael is the son of unbelief, the son of Hagar, the Egyptian handmaiden, whose linage are the Arabs/ Muslims. I’d rather be associated with Isaac, the child of promise and faith… the son of Abraham and wife Sarah. From Isaac comes Jacob, renamed Israel, who of course is the father of the “children of Israel”, the heirs of the promises of God.

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